Sewing: learning the lost stitch

Sewing: learning the lost stitch

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The lost stitch is used in sewing to sew linings and join folded edges. This point is not very visible but has the disadvantage of being less solid than the news: 737353 point of scale, the use of which is very close. The lost point is worked from right to left in the following way. 1. Make a knot on the end of the thread, then take out the needle on the right side in the fold of the actu: 739845 fabric.
2. Make a very short stitch in the actu: 739845 main fabric with as little thread as possible, then stitch the second piece of actu: 739845 fabric using a longer stitch. To make this second stitch, tilt the needle slightly towards the actu: 739845 main fabric, so as to obtain an oblique stitch.
3. Continue in this way by successively making a short stitch in the news: 739845 main fabric and a long stitch in the second news: 739845 fabric. In this way, you get a lost point which is almost invisible on the place of the news: 739845 fabric.


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