Going on vacation: how to monitor your home remotely?

Going on vacation: how to monitor your home remotely?

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Are you going on vacation and worried about burglaries? Your fears are justified. In France, there are almost 1000 burglaries a day and 80% of these burglaries are carried out during the day. Whether you live in the city or in the countryside, protecting your home is essential. Today, monitoring your home remotely is one solution. How it works ? Here are the editorial responses.

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Applications and webcam

Smartphone applications are used to keep your home safe. Between amateur editing and professional installation, there are today a multitude of solutions. If you opt for the mobile application and the webcam, you can monitor your accommodation from your holiday location. For you, we have studied the solutions offered by KeepAnEye. They work from any webcam and all operators. If someone breaks into your home, you are alerted on your mobile or by email. Everything works from a dedicated interface on which you can log in with your credentials. The solution is free, but it is up to you to notify a loved one or the police in the event of a proven violation.

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Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring is a much more sophisticated solution than the mobile and webcam duo application. Proposed by specialized companies, it takes into account the detection of movement, smoke, opening of doors or windows and even glass breakage. If an intrusion is found, you are called for a doubt removal. In the event of a proven violation, the police are dispatched to the scene and a team of professionals intervenes to secure the scene.

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We tested for you: MAIF remote monitoring

For you, we have contacted the remote monitoring service offered by MAIF. The telephone interview lasted 20 minutes. It started with a questionnaire on the house, the arrangement of rooms, valuables and the habits of the people who make up the home. The advisor explains the specifics of each installation (camera, detector, alarm, etc.) and the type of connection to be preferred (ADSL, GSM, etc.). Everything is done according to our needs. Then comes the description of the different procedures which will be followed if a person enters your home. The first step is the removal of doubt from the members of the household and their relatives. If no one responds, the police or a security team is dispatched. In the event of a violation, a report is communicated to customers and the premises are secure (repair of doors and windows, storage, etc.). We made a request for a 120m² subdivision house, located in the outskirts of a big city, with garage and land. The installation and commissioning of the equipment costs € 99 then the member pays a monthly subscription of € 49.

Bonus advice

The MAIF advisor also gave us lots of advice to minimize the risk of burglary and facilitate access by security services. For example:
• Avoid the accumulation of mail in the mailbox,
• Do not mention your departure on vacation on social networks,
• Entrust your keys to a trusted person living near you,
• Have a code lock to lock your gate. Finally, note that many municipalities recommend to notify the police or the gendarmerie of your departure on vacation. In summer, the security services carry out surveillance rounds day and night.

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