Video: treat a cherry tree or a rose attacked by aphids

Video: treat a cherry tree or a rose attacked by aphids

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The advice of experts from the Plant Clinic will help you better understand the diseases of your fruit trees and flowering plants and treat them properly. On this sequence, it is a cherry tree and a rose bush which are subjected to Arnaud, following an invasion of aphids. Follow the advice and recommendations on video!

Question from the user

"This spring, I noticed that the leaves of my cherry tree were covered with aphids. My rose has the same problem. How can I get rid of these unwanted insects?"

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Auscultation and diagnosis

The leaves of this cherry tree, like those of this rose, are invaded by aphids. The presence here of green and black aphids confirms a classic case of infestation which started in April. These insects are very fond of the sap of roses and many fruit trees, such as cherry, peach or plum. They cause sores on the leaves and carry viruses and fungi.

Some recommendations

Unfortunately, no chemical solution is possible on a rose or fruit tree. Arnaud recommends using a powerful jet of water to get rid of aphids, which are particularly sensitive to the slightest rain. However, be careful not to damage the leaves of your rose, which are more fragile. The ladybug, which feeds on aphid larvae, is a 100% natural way to care for your infested trees. Just like nettle manure, or repellent plants, such as mint or lavender. As a last resort, go to a garden center to find a suitable insecticide.


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