All about above ground pools

All about above ground pools

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In the large pool family, we find inground pools, natural pools and above ground pools. These are the best alternative for those who want a pool but do not wish to undertake work. Today, to help you make your choices, we invite you to discover the world of above-ground pools.


Above ground pools are pools that do not require major work. Unlike inground pools and natural pools, above ground pools are removable. Among them are kit pools and freestanding pools. Some models of above-ground pools are installed on the lawn. You can install a tarpaulin or a wooden terrace under the pool to ensure better stability. Other, more solid models can be partially buried.

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Above ground pools in kit

Above-ground kit pools are very solid pools that can be partially buried. They consist of posts, panels and a canvas. The assembly is done using a system of rails and bolts. The kit pools also have a ladder for easy access to the pool and a filtration system that helps maintain the water balance. Kit pools can be round or oval. It's up to you to choose the shape! In terms of materials, you will find above ground pools made of metal, wood or resin. Kit pools must be secured. It has been a legal obligation since 2004.
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Freestanding above ground pools

Freestanding pools are above ground pools that look like inflatable pools for children. They don't need any structure to be stable. The freestanding pools consist of a canvas, a ladder and the maintenance kit. There are two types of freestanding pools: flexible pools and frame pools. The flexible pool has inflatable walls and a sort of air belt on the top. The frame pool has a metal support which provides additional support. Freestanding pools can be round, oval or rectangular. The size varies according to your desires. There are small swimming pools of 3m in diameter like large swimming pools which measure up to 8m wide and 15m long. Freestanding above ground pools are the cheapest. You can mount them yourself so you save the installation of course. In addition, you do not have to declare them and therefore pay taxes on them!
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You do not need a permit or authorization to install an above ground pool. On the other hand, if your swimming pool is more than 20m² and if the height is greater than 1m, you must make a declaration of work to the town hall of your municipality. Be aware that above ground pools must be secured. If you have children, also plan buoys adapted to their age and size so that they can take full advantage of the pool.
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