Improvised nap and decor in the living room

Improvised nap and decor in the living room

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In July, our decor changes to summer time! And who says summer, says hot weather and thirst for rest. So what could be better than a lounge conducive to relaxation to savor a restful nap and recharge your batteries? Between natural materials, relaxing colors in beige and white tones and a harmonious atmosphere, discover how to create a lounge with a relaxing atmosphere in a few decorative tips.

Mirage cushions for maximum comfort

To create a real cocoon, between softness and comfort, bet on soft cushions as desired, like Mirage. Tender, elegant and cozy, the Mirage cotton cushion promises restful naps. Even more, it sublimates your decor with charming white and khaki patterns, both chic and delicate. And whether you are alone or accompanied, do not hesitate to play the accumulation. The more you feel enveloped, the better you will sleep, be sure!

The Senso basket to have everything at hand

And because before or after your moment of relaxation, you want to take the opportunity to read a few books or magazines, adopt the two-color Senso basket, ideal for storing all your magazines and much more. In addition to its very charming design, it is its natural color, associated with a restful white, which makes us crack. With two handles in raw braided natural fibers, Senso is also very practical and changes parts as desired. Also available in small format, we do not hesitate to multiply it for an ultra decorative effect guaranteed.

The Louisiana pendant light for a subdued atmosphere

On the lighting side, we put on a soft light, conducive to relaxation and daydreaming. The Louisiana pendant lamp also fits perfectly into the atmosphere we want to create. At the same time original, elegant and design, it is made of braided steel, white epoxy lacquered and its openwork shade creates very decorative light effects. Undeniably, the Louisiana pendant lamp brings a touch of charm in addition and reinforces the relaxing and Zen atmosphere of the room.

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