Effectively protect against termites

Effectively protect against termites

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Termites are small so-called xylophagous insects. The latter feed on particles of wood and can therefore take up residence within our homes. Termites are dangerous because they damage the furniture and foundations of a house. Protecting yourself from termites is therefore essential. This can be done naturally or chemically. How? 'Or' What ? Here are all the editorial tips.

Keep the wood away

Guarding against termites can be done in a natural way, thanks to simple gestures. The layout of your home and garden plays a major role. Trees should be planted at a reasonable distance from the house so that the branches are never in contact with the house. If you have a fireplace, your wood should be stored outside your home. Ideally, wood should not be placed against one of the walls of the house. Just like trees, it should be a reasonable distance from your home.


To limit the risk of having termites, you must clean up your home. This sanitation requires excellent ventilation. Make sure you have a working CMV, ventilate your home every day and space your home furnishings. So the air circulates freely and you have access to every nook and cranny of your home. You should also monitor the humidity in your home. Termites love humid environments. For this, good ventilation is essential. Invest in a small hygrometer, a device that measures humidity. There are simple models as well as elaborate models that will give you the temperature and humidity of the room. If your humidity is high despite good ventilation, bet on moisture absorbers.

Chemical treatments

Sometimes natural methods may be insufficient and chemical treatments are required. Know that today these treatments are much less toxic. They are not dangerous for animals or nature. Among the treatments, you will find chemical barriers that apply around risk areas but also baits and chemical powders. These products are used preventively or as a treatment. Follow the instructions for use to the letter in order to optimize the benefits and limit the risks.


To find out whether to protect against or treat termites, you need to check their presence. For this, take several pieces of untreated wood and place them in your furniture, in your living rooms, in the attic and in the basement. Wait a few weeks and inspect your pieces of wood. If these are damaged, you must proceed with the treatments. Generally, you should monitor your woodwork regularly. If you observe small holes at regular intervals, it is because the termites have made their home in you. Note that it is recommended to have your home checked by a professional every 10 years. This check makes it possible to detect the presence of termites, to be advised on prevention and to find, if necessary, the most suitable treatment.


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