Pylons, fun and colorful objects

Pylons, fun and colorful objects

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For cheerful and rhythmic interior decoration, Pylones objects stand out as obvious. They bring to each room a good dose of cheerful humor and among the many collections, everyone can find accessories as fun as they are functional. From the nutcracker to the sponge holder, from the coat hook to the clock, they are colorful and seem straight out of a comic book album. A sort of link between childhood and the adult world, Pylones creations appeal to young and old.

Birth of a brand

Jacques and Léna wanted to create their boutique of original objects, practical or only decorative, but always sources of satisfaction. Encouraged by a circle of friends passionate about design, the Guillemet couple founded their business on May 1, 1985. Young and inventive, Jacques and Léna accompanied by trendy designers are quick to unleash their passions with their playful and colorful little objects. But it is with the creation of BD jewelry in latex, trendy and ultra colorful, that they embark on the adventure. The small company designs each piece so that everyone can have fun, and the craze for these creations of incredible gaiety is not long in declining on a planetary scale. The Pylones brand has several bestsellers, used all over the world with as much pleasure, regardless of cultural inclinations. In other words, the fun and funny object of Pylones is universally recognized.

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Pylones, for a happy daily life

Symbol of good humor, each Pylones object can symbolize poetry as playfulness. He seems to be telling a story and witnessing successive eras. So we like to touch it, watch it, use it, and multiply acquisitions, just for the joy it communicates. Pylones moves, amuses and surprises until creating addiction. We want the Cric-crac Panda nutcracker to invite itself to the festive table, that the skeleton Ice-Cream ice scraper haunts the kitchen, that the Cheekita Gold makeup brush finds its place in the bathroom. What about the green casserole or robot egg cup that appeals to the smallest to the largest gourmet? And on the night side, from the adult bedroom to the children's bedroom, the green and purple Smoking hooks seem to tenderly watch over everyone's sleep.

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Pylones, the practical and unusual object accessible to all

How not to be seduced by the Ladybird table vacuum cleaner by Pylones, a cute little ladybug? The Rools toilet paper holder is also essential to bring colors and pep's in this small room that we do not always know how to decorate. Pylones objects are sold in many shops, from Paris to Bordeaux, from Amsterdam to Vilnius and even further since the United States, Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil also have Pylones stores. Everyone can therefore have fun or find the great gift idea by opting for Pylones creations, original and colorful, and always at a low price. Companions of all times which it quickly becomes impossible to do without when, even an adult, one remains strongly linked to the world of childhood.

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