Divert objects from their primary function

Divert objects from their primary function

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You want to change the decor of your interior and / or your exterior but without breaking the bank. Then think of recovery. The idea is simple: divert objects from their primary function. You do not need to spend a fortune to redo your decor. With a little imagination and by tinkering with a minimum, it is possible to reuse unused, broken or worn objects and make them more fun and to your liking. But what are the tricks to give a second life to objects?

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Transform an industrial wooden pallet into a design piece of furniture

The industrial wooden pallet can be used in a thousand and one ways. So you can give free rein to your imagination. Want to furnish your living room? The palette can become a sofa coffee table or a shelf. To make it, for example, a coffee table, stack two or three pallets, which you will have previously sanded and then painted, add to them over a glass, iron or wooden plate, and voila. The advantage of this table is that the interstices can also be used as storage for your magazines or to enhance decorative items. Want to furnish your bedroom? The palette can then be transformed into a headboard. To do this, simply paint them, then nail them together.

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Magnify your interior with glass objects

The advantage of glass objects is that they are easy to recover. Any pot of mustard, pickles or jam will do. After, it all depends on the use you want to make of it. In order to create a warm and intimate atmosphere, a jar or a glass jar can become, once customized, a magnificent tealight holder. You can then place a candle there and let a soft light diffuse in the room. Or save them for use in your kitchen and use them as spice jars or candy jars. As for the small glass yoghurt pots, you can reuse them when you make verrines or desserts.

Photo credit: Lilly Griffiths

Recover natural elements to accessorize your garden

Let us not forget the garden which, too, can be accessorized but this time with natural elements recovered. For example, you can make a cut tree trunk functional and use it as a table leg. Put a board over it, and you get a table. Or, remember to keep several long and thin logs and various branches, and give them life by making a bench that you can enhance in your garden. You can also with the help of your children create a pretty birdhouse. All you need is a few small branches that are sufficiently solid, a few nails and then fine twigs for the roof. Thanks to you, the birds will then have a sublime house made with natural elements.

Photo credit: The Trendy Girl