Beko presents Smart, its new generation of washing machines

Beko presents Smart, its new generation of washing machines

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Beko enriches its offer with 4 models of washing machine and a washer-dryer 2 in 1. Design, intelligent and economical, since all classified A +++, the new Beko combine large capacities, from 8 to 11 kg and diversity of programs. And they even lower our electricity bill by promoting washing at low temperatures. In short, the new Smart range has it all!

The WMY111442D, the 11 kg washing machine

With a 72 liter drum offering a washing capacity of 11 kg, the WMY111442D washing machine is the most generous of this new Smart range. Classified in category A +++ -10%, this model is more economical and offers an energy saving of 40% compared to a class A model. Equipped with the new ProSmart Drive motor with direct transmission, it is also more efficient and three times more as silent as a conventional washing machine, reaching only 69 dB (A) during spinning. Finally, it has many programs to best meet all your needs: the Steam and Aquaperfect programs save precious time for optimum washing results. Other programs, Délicat 20 °, Woolmark Blue and Baby Protect, provide care adapted to delicate textiles and fragile skin. And hats off to Express 14, the program that lets you wash 2 kg of laundry in just 14 minutes! The most decorative? A sleek and trendy design thanks to an elegant chrome finish and clever digital screens. Indicative public price: 900 euros

The most economical WMY91440

Very low energy consumption, this model is classified category A +++ -30% and thus offers an electricity saving of 50% compared to an equivalent model of class A. In addition to the Steam, Aquaperfect, Express 14, Delicate 20 ° programs, Woolmark and Baby Protect, it has a Special Waterproof Textiles program which effectively cleans all waterproof textiles, a real plus! With a nice capacity of 9 kg, it has anti-vibration walls to reduce noise and vibration during washing and spinning. In short, here is a complete, efficient and affordable model! Indicative public price: 600 euros

The WMY91430S, the most decorative with its Silver color

Ultra trendy and trendy, this model with a capacity of 9 kg will become the new partner of your daily life. With a large digital touch screen, it is practical and has only one goal: to simplify your life! In addition to the programs common to all the models in the new Smart range, it is its contemporary design that appeals to us. Indicative public price: 530 euros

The most accessible WMY81430S in the Smart range

Between design and efficiency, the WMY81430S is the most accessible of the Smart range. With a capacity of 8 kg, this model has some of the functions common to all the models in the range: digital display and programs adapted to your daily needs (Express 14, Mix 40, dark textiles, etc.). In addition, it also has a drum up to 1400 revolutions per minute and offers the option of delayed start up to 19h. Also available in white WMY81430 Indicative retail price: 480 euros

The washer-dryer WDA96162, space saving solution 2 in 1

Make room and save time with this 2 in 1 model as we like! Equipped with air condensation technology, the washer-dryer does not consume water during the drying time of the laundry, which saves water by 50% compared to a standard model, with only 61 liters of water. water used per cycle (washing + drying). Also equipped with automatic weighing, the washer-dryer makes it possible, depending on the program selected, to optimize the weight of the laundry in the drum as it is loaded. Its standard dimensions still accommodate a drum with a capacity of 63 liters and 9 kg in washing, ideal for family loads. Most ? Smart programs adapt to your lifestyle, whatever it is: for those in a hurry, the express program washes and dries 2 shirts in just 35 minutes or 5 shirts in 55 minutes! And it is also possible to chain washing and drying up to 6 kg of laundry without having to take clothes out of the drum. And for ultra-fast cleaning, the appliance also has a washing program in 14 minutes! Indicative public price: 900 euros