Recipe: Waffle Pizza with Tefal's Snack Collection

Recipe: Waffle Pizza with Tefal's Snack Collection

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The waffle iron is not just for children! Especially when it comes to Tefal's latest model, the Snack Collection with its 12 sets of removable plates. With so many choices in the preparations, we give it our heart and we even transform the time of a test into a Top Chef candidate: your test, if you accept it, is to revisit the pizza so that it’s easier to eat. You have five minutes!

Tefal's Snack Collection

In the trend of always higher, always stronger, Tefal allows you to "create" your own improved waffle iron. The idea is not to impose but to offer the consumer to buy his ideal product since he himself composes the device with an addition of plates to the impressive number. In all, 12 accessory plates are available (waffles, croque-monsieur, heart waffles, wafers, croque-monsieur triangles, paninis grill, French toast, pancakes, turnovers, donuts, Friborg bricelets and mini bites). To keep it friendly rather than invasive, Tefal has thought of storing its plates in a book case which makes organization much simpler. They will even create an illusion if you place them in the middle of your cookbooks.
Not only are they practical thanks to their housing, but these plates are also very simple to put on and as the notches are different from one side to the other, there is no risk of clipping them in the wrong direction. In addition, after use, they all go into the dishwasher: no need to soak overnight to peel the dough, the non-stick does the job well. A simple on-off button to press and the Snack Collection will heat up. But I speak, I speak and during this time, my recipe is not made. Here we go !

The ingredients of the waffle pizza

A pizza dough (homemade or industrial) A tomato coulis A ball of mozzarella cut into small cubes Fresh basil


Step 1 - Cut the pizza dough into four equal pieces. On each of them, you will add tomato coulis delicately, either with the back of the spoon or with a brush. Avoid putting too much on it otherwise it may escape from your dough. Above the coulis, add pieces of mozzarella and a basil leaf. Close your dough like a calzone.
Step 2 - Heat your waffle iron and wait until it has reached the right temperature. The Snack Collection alerts you with an indicator light that turns green as soon as the device has reached the right temperature. I added, still with a brush, a little olive oil for fear that it would stick but the non-stick coating is very effective, so it is possible to do without it.
Step 3 - Count between 3 to 5 minutes of cooking. Taste immediately.
With an industrial pizza dough, you can prepare four large waffles but you can also cut small baking after cooking for the guests at the time of the aperitif.

The verdict

As I said, the possibilities of this Snack Collection are immense thanks to the large number of plates. Obviously you will have to pay a small sum to increase your collection (20 € the set of plates) but you already have in the starting pack the croque-monsieur game and the waffle game (the essentials therefore). The use is really very easy and without constraints thanks to the compatibility with the dishwasher. Although the handle is cold during heating, you will still have to avoid touching the appliance because the walls strongly conduct the heat. Finally a good point for the size of this waffle iron which remains reasonable and for the idea of ​​storage boxes which avoids adding chaos in the kitchen. Snack Collection SW853D12, Tefal, € 74.99