Hario, the Japanese art of coffee

Hario, the Japanese art of coffee

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In the early 1920s, the Japanese company Hario began manufacturing heat-resistant glass. At the time, the company used its knowledge in the production of scientific equipment. It was not until the aftermath of the Second World War that the company adapted this technology to the manufacture of equipment for the home and registered as a specialist in hot drinks. Presentation of the line for coffee.
Hario coffee siphon, from € 130

The siphon

It is the first household appliance marketed by Hario. Still on sale, this coffee machine with the air of a scientific utensil allows the creation of a coffee worthy of great restaurants thanks to the steam produced in the glass bowl located at the bottom. Composed of transparent heat-resistant glass, the siphon allows the observation of the entire coffee creation process.
Hario coffee "Dripper", from € 5.80

The "Dripper"

It is the most popular product and invention of the Japanese brand. With the "dripper", you no longer need electronics to make good coffee. The principle remains familiar, however: just put a filter, ground coffee and pour hot water over it. The coffee then flows drop by drop into the container placed below the dripper.
The Hario iced coffee carafe, from € 22

Make a delicious iced coffee

In fine weather, exit the hot coffee and make way for iced coffee. Nothing could be simpler with the Hario carafe. The dripper process is included: pour 1 liter of hot water on 80 grams of ground coffee, let stand 8 hours in the refrigerator and quench your thirst.

All sizes

Hario thinks of you. Whatever your coffee consumption, the Japanese brand has the right container for you. It indeed offers "drippers" and pourers for quantities ranging from 1 to 4 cups. More information on www.hario.jp