3 ideas for storing your beauty products

3 ideas for storing your beauty products

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There is often a lack of storage space in a bathroom, the fault of the collection of beauty products which overflows from the cupboards. The solution ? Multiply the tricks so as not to lose space and have everything at hand. Here are some simple and effective ideas.

In the bathroom, prefer a washbasin cabinet

The vanity unit offers the possibility of storing without encroaching on the rest of the room. Under the sink, you can put the towels on one side and your beauty products on the other. To see more clearly on foggy mornings, choose the organization: integrate plastic compartments or small baskets to put some order in your products. No more going back to find your mascara when you're late!

Attach a shelf to arrange your products

For custom storage, the shelf is required. The advantage of this option is that all the products arranged are visible. You can also fix a wall storage on the tiling using suction cups.
Otherwise, take your courage with both hands to sort through your old medications. You can thus store some miracle creams in the medicine cabinet behind your mirror. On the practical side: your products will be at eye level. If you prefer a more aesthetic solution, staging your products on pretty colored trays will have its small effect.

A column to gain height

Who says lack of space says optimization: you have no room to spread out? Well choose a column: both tall and narrow, its numerous shelves make it the perfect piece of furniture to accommodate your makeup. If your bathroom is really small, the turnstile basket is a good alternative.

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