I want a walk-in shower: instructions

I want a walk-in shower: instructions

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For those who have experienced the thrill of outdoor showers, walk-in showers are definitely what they need. There is something exhilarating about taking a shower without a door or curtain - soaping yourself off, rinsing off and letting everything flow down the drain without asking any further questions. Once you have tasted it, you wonder how you could have done without it so far. Walk-in showers are nothing new, but are becoming a must in terms of design. If you like the concept, here are some tips to integrate it into your home. Find more articles on the theme: Quote work for a bathroom creation or renovation

The location

First, consider the location of your walk-in shower. Curtains and shower doors have other functions than that of satisfying our modesty. They are mainly used, in general, to avoid splashing water and soap on furniture, fabrics and other items located nearby. So that your walk-in shower can be used without damaging or flooding the rest of your bathroom, make sure there is a space of at least 1.5 to 2 m on each side. Choose showers with a mid-wall recess so that you can verify that there is no risk of flooding.

The shower head

Another important point: care must be taken when choosing the shower head. Traditional showers are generally fitted with angled heads which diffuse the water at a certain angle. This type of shower head is less suitable for a walk-in shower. We advise you to opt for a straight flow knob, which delivers water directly from the top. It is also an opportunity to take a large pommel - there are all sizes, round or square.

The evacuation

Also consider evacuation. The floor of your shower should be slightly sloping and directed towards the siphon so that the water flows constantly and there is no effect of water retention. Even a small area of ​​water can cause a fall. To be sure you have a good drainage, you can add one or two additional drainage.

The other options

Finally, remember that there are other options. If your bathroom is not equipped for the installation of a walk-in shower and you do not want to engage in a fundamental renovation, you can just as easily choose a shower with frameless door . In this case, you certainly have a partition, but a frameless glass door is a good solution with a particularly designer effect.