Uses of black soap in the garden

Uses of black soap in the garden

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Black soap has been used since time immemorial. Made from vegetable oil, most often olive oil, it is appreciated for its many benefits. Indeed, black soap is a natural and effective cleaner. Thanks to the fatty substances that compose it, it also has nourishing virtues as useful on the body as for the maintenance of the house. Finally, black soap is a biodegradable product. It can therefore be used safely in the garden where it has many advantages, as confirmed by Laurence, a friendly Starwax consultant.

Can black soap be used in the garden?

Black soap has many functions in the garden. As in the house, it can effectively clean and protect the paving, tools or even the garden furniture. Black soap can also act as a natural insecticide in the garden and in the vegetable patch. He treats sick plants and cleans outdoor and indoor plants. Black soap is a must!

How to use it as an insecticide?

Black soap is used diluted. To make a homemade natural insecticide, mix 5 spoons or doses of black soap in one liter of water and spray the mixture. It is effective on mealybugs, aphids but also larvae. This recipe is also a powerful anticide that you can use on an anthill as at home. Black soap is natural, it can be used without fear in the vegetable patch.

How to use it to treat sick plants?

Black soap is insecticide and antiseptic. It therefore helps to cure diseases. To do this, it must once again be diluted and applied with a spray or a sponge for the leaves. Evening soap is also used as a preventative once or twice a month. Thanks to its fatty substances, notably from the vegetable oils that compose it, black soap leaves a protective film on plants.

What can you clean with black soap in the garden?

Black soap is used to clean paving stones, stones, slates and therefore driveways and terraces. This miracle product is also used to clean gardening tools, the garden furniture or even the exteriors of the house. Black soap is used to clean plants. It contributes to both the beauty and the good health of the plants that adorn the garden.

Where to find black soap?

Starwax black soap is sold in DIY stores such as Castorama, Leroy Merlin, Mr Bricolage but also in garden centers. On the Starwax site, you can discover many recipes to create your own maintenance products based on black soap and other natural and ecological products.