Danish design brand Tiger opens a boutique in Lille

Danish design brand Tiger opens a boutique in Lille

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Founded in 1995, Tiger, the Danish design brand, opened its first store in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since then, it has opened an average of three stores per week worldwide, from America to Asia via Europe. A well-deserved success that Lille will appreciate!

A funny story

Originally, Tiger was called Zebra. The brand changed its name for more irony. In Danish, Tiger evokes both the word "tiger" and a coin in Danish crown.

Affordable products

The concept ? Offer design and affordable objects. Thus, even small purses can change decoration according to their desires! 80% of products are less than € 5 and none cost more than € 30.

Varied and original decorative objects

The shop offers many original decorative items: garlands, glasses, candles, notebooks, boxes, cake molds, party decorations… Tiger has no shortage of ideas to please us.

A decoration for each season

Are you not thrilled by the current collection? Come back next month, Tiger offers you another one. But with all these attractive patterns and flashy colors, no one can leave this shop without succumbing.

A range of themes

Each store is organized like a labyrinth. As a child, we discover the store and we find ourselves jumping on all the objects. Gadgets or everyday objects, each object is organized by theme. Storage for the office, travel accessories, DIY, toys for children, bath and body products, there is something for everyone. New Tiger store in Lille: 29 rue Esquermoise, 59800 Lille. More info on Tiger.