I decorate my Christmas table for less than 50 euros

I decorate my Christmas table for less than 50 euros

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Do you want a Christmas table that throws but you have a small budget? Do not panic, has selected accessories for you to decorate your Christmas Eve table at a low price! You will amaze your guests, and this for a budget that does not exceed 50 euros. Follow the guide !

A pretty golden table

Organizing Christmas at home can quickly become expensive. Between the kitchen, the gifts and the decoration of your interior for the occasion ... You need a hell of a budget! To prepare good meals and please everyone with nice presents, we let you manage your wallet. On the other hand, when it comes to table decoration, there are a multitude of small items at low prices that will nicely decorate your dining table. Whether they are in golden or silver, red or green tones, you will inevitably find your happiness!
1. Lot of six Christmas balls to use as name holders, € 8.33 at Becquet / 2. Lot of twenty napkins with golden deer motifs, € 5.90 at Holly Party / 3. Lot of 20 cocktail sticks, € 1 at Hema.

A beautiful table with a hint of red

In our selection, you will find assortments of decorative items in the Christmas spirit, such as a table runner, colored paper napkins or cocktail sticks, but also items that we only take out for December 24 , such as name or menu holders, Christmas crackers to please the kids, or candles to light up your dinner. You just have to make your choice, depending on the color of your dishes but also the decoration of your interior.
1. Glittery table runner, silver or gold, in a roll (28 x 250 cm), € 7.99 each at Izaneo / 2. Four Santa Claus napkin rings, € 2.87 at Bang Good / 3.Lot of eight mini Christmas crackers, € 2.50 at Hema.

Wood and metal to decorate your table

Christmas is also and above all a traditional celebration so back to basics! Add a wooden accessory on the table, or why not, dare the metal in a small touch. Finally, candles become queens at Christmas, to be taken in different sizes and colors, like real candlesticks.
1. Centerpiece in white metal (47 cm), in the shape of a tree, € 5.27 at Axho / 2. Set of two wooden menu holders, € 3.50 at Izaneo / 3. Candle in the shape of a candlestick , € 5 at Hema.