Mistakes to avoid when planning a kitchen in a loft

Mistakes to avoid when planning a kitchen in a loft

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A kitchen installed in a loft needs to be properly thought out in space to optimize its use as much as possible. Choose the right location for the various cooking appliances, the building materials to use or the tips to adopt, here are our tips to avoid committing the irreparable!

Error # 1: Do not optimize the location of devices

The goal of the loft being not to partition the spaces to have only one and the same room of life, it will be necessary to think of the location of the cooking appliances so that the kitchen odors do not spread in your living room or on your fabrics. First think about where you want to place your kitchen in relation to the other spaces, then find the most suitable place for the oven, hobs and microwave. For example, if your sofa delimits the kitchen space from the living space, take care that it does not absorb food odors.
With a very large kitchen, remember not to disperse the storage space too much. Gather the dishes and utensils essential for cooking. Finally, also think about choosing a hood adapted to the shape of your kitchen.

Mistake 2: Choosing messy materials

As for the worktop, the main element of the kitchen, choose it in a resistant material but above all easy to clean. Indeed, it is on this one that you will develop your recipes and it will be irretrievably subject to grease stains or splashes.
If you are building a central island, be sure to respect the overall proportions of the room and especially its construction materials because you will have no protection. Regarding the floor, prefer tiling or sandstone, easier to maintain.

Mistake # 3: Not lighting the kitchen area well

One of the most important issues of a loft is also its biggest advantage: its surface area. With such a large room, it is sometimes difficult to have the right lighting. It depends first of all on the exposure of the house, its openings (windows, bay windows, etc.) but also on the lights you have added. If you have an open kitchen, prefer a central suspension but do not hesitate to add light sources above the sink or the worktop for example. These areas are the ones you will use the most.

Mistake # 4: Not having enough electrical outlets

Depending on the location of your appliance, make sure you have enough electrical outlets in the right place. If you have a dining area in an open kitchen for example, have you checked that you can plug a toaster on the table? If you have an iPad on which all your recipes are listed, do you have a place to recharge it while you cook? So many questions to take into account upstream.


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