4 grandmother's tips to throw as little as possible

4 grandmother's tips to throw as little as possible

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No matter how many people you live with or how often you like to receive, the facts are clear: our trash cans are overflowing. To reduce waste, you still have to learn to throw less. Here are our tips.

Tip 1: Pay attention to the expiration date

When buying food, pay attention to the date on the packaging. Do not take the first product that appears to you, but look at those that are placed at the bottom of the shelves or below a stack. These generally have an earlier expiration date.

Tip 2: Prepare the right quantities

When you cook, it's not uncommon to want to overdo it or not trust the proportions of a recipe. But, at this rate, you will end up with too much food, which may end up in the trash ... So measure the quantities needed for your home or your guests.

Tip # 3: Cooking Leftovers

If you still have a significant amount of food you have prepared, do not throw it away, cook it! You can revisit them in another recipe. For example, a tomato sauce for pasta and a cut onion can turn into a Basque chicken!

Tip 4: Freeze certain foods

If you have too much food in your fridge or if you see that some of them may expire before you have time to eat them, there is a radical solution: freezing! The bread will stay fresh, even if it has been frozen, while the meat or vegetables will keep all their freshness and vitamins even after being frozen. This method is also valid for making stocks if you have made a big full of groceries, to store in your kitchen.