A connected garden: home automation is invited outside!

A connected garden: home automation is invited outside!

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Controlling your shutters or starting your wood stove remotely is becoming more and more common, like programming energy management and lighting: home automation becomes less abstract and really makes its entry into the house ... And if it even went out into the garden? The connected garden is a concept that is becoming a reality. "We are only at the beginning, says Jean Pouillart of the Globeplanter.com site. The concepts currently available on the market and accessible to the general public are still a little expensive, but they are great!" Jean-Michel Bertaux, the manager of Palin Espaces Verts, adds: "We are at the start of this movement in most regions of France. The connected garden is a state of mind." Among his clients, he is currently seeing the presence at least one of these systems: most often the automated fence, then the garden lighting, and the robotic lawnmower. There are also many other applications for garden 2.0!

The advantages of home automation in the garden

Its most important asset is to animate the house and the garden, whether one is present or not. Home automation plays an obvious role in the comfort and security of the home, while reducing repetitive chores. Ideal for better enjoying its interior and exterior! And thanks to its customizable character at all times, it can only be dedicated to your garden, depending on whether it has rained or if the soil is dry, depending on the height of the grass desired, the frequency of watering desired ... In short , a gain on the labor to maintain the garden.

The home automation star in the garden: the robotic lawnmower

It is no longer a gadget, it is even the first product that comes to the idea of ​​professionals when talking about home automation in the garden. The robotic lawnmower is certainly still expensive compared to a conventional lawnmower (from € 1,300 for a Gardena robot, € 3,099 for an Automower model from Husqvarna). However, it is now a reliable product that works very well. "A good investment, comments the landscaper Pierre-Alexandre Risser. Because it allows you to have a more beautiful lawn (which looks like a carpet!) And to limit the growth of weeds; a garden always nickel in short, since can mow every day incognito, the new models being really quiet (58 dB). It can also take care of repetitive tasks concerning the contours of perfect beds. "
Thinking beforehand about installing the robot ensures its optimal functioning: the terrain requires the laying of a peripheral cable to delimit its field of action and guide it on the lawn to the most distant areas. Some contraindications to its use: very steep terrain (some robots manage slopes up to 45%), and passages from an independent turfed area to another with differences in level (via a tarmac or gravelled for example). "People invest their garden a lot and make the most of it to feel good," explains Estelle Tremelo, Automower product manager at Husqvarna. The brand offers for example connected mowing robots, which thanks to a communication kit which is placed on the robot, allows the user to interact with him remotely, controlling what he is doing at the moment T and also the geolocation to ensure that everything works well. "This is a completely new solution for daily mowing, since the mower comes out every day automatically to cut micro-chips of grass: an impeccable result and no pick-up to be expected! And the grass chips also feed the lawn. "We have already sold half a million copies in Europe; light, silent and efficient, it makes no marks on the ground. It is the product of tomorrow, a heavy trend already in Germany, Switzerland and Sweden, and which arrives in France: once one has tried it, one never returns to a more traditional means of mowing ".

Lighting, watering and misting

Even if these are known fields, this is still only the beginning of home automation for lighting, automatic watering and even misting - which is rather still intended mainly for professionals. Lighting in particular should experience a spectacular increase in power in the years to come: it can adapt to daylight and the passage of a person with a motion detector, thereby achieving significant energy savings and a tailor-made welcome at home. On the watering side, a programmer can be installed in the form of a Bluetooth tap nose, and home automation in this area also makes it possible to irrigate much more accurately, depending on the weather, as well as controlling watering not with a hose reel , but with a smartphone! Depending on the device chosen, you just need to download a free application, intuitive and easy to use, which will allow you to take care of watering your garden from your sofa. Watering is also possible in this case with surface or buried networks.

Zoom on the connected flowerpot

Finally, halfway between the fields of home and garden, there are now even to place in your living room, connected pots equipped with humidity testers, which send you a message on your smartphone to tell you when the plants need to drink: "this is the kind of product that meets a need", underlines Jean Pouillart of Globe Planter. However, it seems impossible a priori to install on this type of object automatic watering programmers connected to a home automation system, the problem being then to succeed in bringing the water discreetly. The human hand is therefore obviously always essential!

Pieces of water: make way for home automation!

Again, home automation has a big role to play in the management of these relaxation areas (swimming pool, sauna, but also fountain ...), so that they remain moments of relaxation. Cover, open or close the shelter, secure the pool with an alarm, manage the heating and water temperature, lighting and water hygiene (chlorine level, pH, filtration), automatic basin cleaning, technical incidents, priority use of water from the rainwater collector, remote programming: so many other stations that can be held by home automation equipment, with one click on a screen.

Home automation for the sound system of the garden

Until then, to dance in the garden, we opened the door of the window wide and we raised the sound system in the living room a little. Today, Bluetooth and WiFi allow a sound system of the garden, at the same time as lighting for example. As for video and audio surveillance of outdoor spaces, they are particularly interesting if you have a large lot with several possible entrances.

Even the pergola is smart!

It is also becoming an innovative terrace cover solution: the Biossun bioclimatic models, specifically, have adjustable blades, allowing them to protect themselves from the sun and bad weather depending on the evolution of the weather. "The management of the pergola and its accessories (heating, lighting, blinds with vertical descent ...) obey as well a remote control as a smartphone, a tablet or a PC, explains Michel Content, the commercial manager of the brand. It also contributes to limiting energy consumption by adapting to different climatic conditions, in particular by allowing sunshine and temperature to be managed on its terrace. " In addition, the pergola is equipped with a weather station composed of a rain and wind sensor, which allows the blades to close in the event of rain and to open in the event of gusts of wind.

Home automation today and in the future

Automated fences and gates, surveillance cameras, etc. These systems have been around for a long time, but these installations are becoming more and more common, and above all they are being perfected: until then, we only ordered their opening and closing, whereas now, the essential iPad connection allows you to control the different areas of the house and garden, and schedule simultaneous openings and closings ... "People have understood today, continues Jean-Michel Bertaux of Palin Espaces Verts, that it is very pleasant to live outside as often as possible, without the need to 'camp'. Today, we can have the same thing in the garden as at home, in terms of modernism: lighting, atmosphere, comfort ". This specialist even previews another imminent advance: "I am thinking of the automatic vacuum cleaner, which already exists for our interiors, but which will also certainly become a vacuum cleaner for terraces or swimming pool laps. Directed by choice by different means (visual by camera , by wire or by GPS track), it will be able to clean all the surfaces - tars, swimming pool beaches ... - which will also be automated ".

Man and technology, hand in hand

If the evolution of home automation is undeniable and really very practical, in spite of everything, we will always need the human eye to check the proper functioning of the equipment, and to ensure its maintenance: an animal that cuts a wire, a thunderstorm that has tripped a device, a mower that turns over ... anything can happen even when everything has been programmed. Home automation helps and saves a lot of time, but it will never avoid human presence! Learn more: -www.palinespacesverts.com -www.horticultureetjardins.com -www.globeplanter.com -www.biossun.com -www.husqvarna.com -www.gardena.com