What lighting for the bathroom?

What lighting for the bathroom?

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The bathroom is a room in the house where you spend a lot of time. Whether to relax during a wellness break or to engage in an activity that requires precision such as makeup or shaving, it is important to have adequate lighting. Ambient light or daylight: the lighting in the bathroom deserves careful consideration. This can become a headache in a windowless bathroom.

Luminous mirror for precision

If there is one bathroom accessory that requires perfect lighting, it is the mirror. It must be flattering and return a clear image, without shadow, in order to facilitate the shaving, hair removal and makeup sessions. Precision requires, the lighting of the mirror must therefore be sufficient without however being dazzling. We forget the ceiling light that multiplies the shaded areas, and we opt for the light mirror. As aesthetic as it is practical, it is available in a multitude of shapes, styles and dimensions. Thus, it is able to integrate into all atmospheres and is suitable for all bathrooms, small or large. In the absence of a mirror with integrated lighting, halogen spots can be placed above and on the sides of the old bathroom mirror.

I want a relaxing atmosphere

What a joy to take a break after an exhausting day! For absolute relaxation, the ideal is to take time for yourself in a bathroom with a relaxing atmosphere. The lighting in the bathroom allows you to create this type of atmosphere, zen and sweet. We opt for controlled lighting thanks to different luminaires with dimmer, adapted to this type of room and which can be turned on or off individually as needed. spot wall or ceiling light with white light to diffuse the bathtub. More romantic and extremely relaxing, the rechargeable LED candle perfectly transmits the sparkling light of the candle. To associate with some LED candle jars to be placed on the apron of the bathtub to let the spirit escape.

Lighting a windowless bathroom

The lighting of a blind bathroom requires serious thought so that the room benefits from natural light despite the absence of opening to the outside. If you do not want to carry out major work that would create a glass partition between the bedroom and the bathroom, for example, you must install an electrical circuit capable of supplying several bathroom fixtures. It is essential to provide first of all a main and fixed lighting either by a ceiling lamp, or by a recessed spot or a wall lamp, then an indirect lighting which will allow to highlight a particular element (bath, sink, toilet area , etc.). We can therefore opt for the ramp of orientable spots. Whatever type of lighting you choose, powerful or soft, the lighting in the bathroom should never be aggressive.