Selection of attractive door handles

Selection of attractive door handles

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A successful decoration is really only successful if every little detail has been thought and re-thought. This therefore involves the choice of small trinkets, frames hanging on the walls, the color of the cushions but also by the door handles. There are a multitude of them on the market and each one has its style, its vocation, its price. Do you feel lost? Relax, we have put together a small shopping selection that should help you. Goodbye to the long steel door handles without any charm or cachet. Think originality and decoration more than functionality when you choose your door handles. For a nursery for example, opt for a pretty star door knob in pastel colors. For the openings that lead to your living room or your dining room? A pretty vintage ceramic and brass handle will make your guests want to walk through the door. Is your bedroom a real cocoon in warm colors? Opt for brass door knobs engraved with bluish floral patterns. The solutions are endless, the styles unlimited, treat yourself!
1. Starry door knob, € 2.99 at Maisons du Monde / 2. Flowered door knob, € 3.50 atWallpaper Your World / 3. Colorful door knob, € 2.99 per piece at Ikea / 4. Button brass door knob, € 3.50 both at Ikea / 5. Gold and blue door knob, € 9 at Trinca Ferro / 6. White and gold door knob, € 4.61 at Price Minister / 7. Door handle in wood and brass, € 2.23 at Price Minister


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