The right color combinations for a gray room

The right color combinations for a gray room

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1. A gray room in nude mode

If some people find gray in a room a little too austere or sad, but they do not want to associate it with too flashy colors or too bright colors, it may be wise to opt for a room where walls, gray will be associated with warmer and brighter tones, but always soft and not tiring for the eye; such as light beige, taupe, linen, etc.

The colorful notes that will bring character to the room will also remain neutral and soft, and will be mainly focused on furniture and decoration. Soothing atmosphere guaranteed!

2. A gray-blue room

If you are lucky enough to have a bright room and you want to give it character and character, do not hesitate: rather than light gray, opt for a dark gray which will turn blue, on all walls or just one to start! Do not be afraid: contrary to what one might think, painting one or more walls of a room in a dark color will neither shrink the room nor make it too harsh: it will bring it a chic and class of the most appreciable.

In addition, if you opt for a pretty shade of gray-blue, you can sublimate it with decorative elements (frames, bedside tables, lamps, knick-knacks, etc.): for a night space, the dark gray-blue combo and golden still works great!

3. A gray room with mustard touches

If you appreciate vintage atmospheres and you want to nicely decorate your gray bedroom, know that pearl gray and mustard yellow are two colors that go very well together, especially to create a retro atmosphere in a bedroom.
To avoid tiring your eyes, bet on gray walls and small touches of mustard yellow, for example on an armchair, pillowcases or bed linen, a carpet ...
And to perfect this association, do not hesitate to hunt for old wooden furniture to bring an authentic dimension to the whole.

4. A 100% graphic gray, black and white room

Gray is a non-color, just like black and white. So to create a 100% graphic and very chic style in a bedroom, why not combine these 3 non-colors together, just to favor a sober and elegant look?

Gray on the walls (or on a single wall with the other whites) and touches of black and white everywhere else in the room, this is a nice way to dress a room in a harmonious way (impossible to go wrong with these colors, they go with everything, and therefore necessarily go well together!) and give it character, but without overdoing it.

5. A gray room industrial version

Who says gray room does not necessarily mean gray paint! Indeed, the gray waxed concrete version is a great way to bring texture and modernity to a bedroom.

The good decor idea? Play on textures and materials to create a contemporary yet warm atmosphere, for example with polished concrete on a headboard wall associated with exposed stone walls, metal furniture (industrial type) combined with wooden elements for the natural side, etc.