Dutch Design x Monoprix: the redesigned stool

Dutch Design x Monoprix: the redesigned stool

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It is the first time that Monoprix has collaborated with Dutch designers as part of its capsule collections. With Dutch Design, the brand wanted to highlight innovation and creation by giving Gerard de Hoop, Kranen / Gille and Daphna Laurens carte blanche around a single piece: the stool. Discover without further delay what they imagined!

The VINCENT stool by Gerard de Hoop

Interior designer and independent designer, Gerard de Hoop is constantly looking for innovation in everyday products. He therefore develops unique objects with geometric shapes thanks to simple elements, while exploring the boundaries of the impossible! The goal ? Surprise! This is the case with the VINCENT stool with the funny handle that makes it look like a small cup.

BOUTON and BOULES stools by Kranen / Gille

Founded by Jos Kranen and Johannes Gille, Kranen / Gille is a design workshop which aims to develop a real visual identity. Their style: natural structures that bring back the trends of the industrial revolution revisited. The two stools they specially designed for Monoprix are a real favorite.

The DIEDRE stool by Daphna Laurens

The duo Daphna Isaacs and Laurens Manders complement each other to form a single designer. They work on shapes intuitively and like to create objects with sophisticated and fluid combinations at the same time. A mixture of art and design found in the DIEDRE stool imagined for Monoprix.
69 euros To discover exclusively at Monoprix from October 28, 2015


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