Smartrium, the connected kitchen furniture

Smartrium, the connected kitchen furniture

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In April 2015, during the Professional Kitchen and Home Furnishing Trade Show in Lyon, the Smartrium brand presented the very first connected furniture. Presentation of this hybrid bar and space saving.

Considerable space savings

The principle is simple: to be able to hide or use our electrical devices at any time. The Smartrium connected iBar contains two retractable "ready to serve" boxes that emerge with a single click on our tablet. Once the boxes are retracted, it is possible to benefit from the entire work plan. The cabinet is also provided with five large storage drawers as well as the connection allowing to connect our electronic devices. Considerable space savings thanks to a medium-sized piece of furniture (212 cm wide by 91 cm high by 71 cm deep).

Design furniture, between kitchen and living room

Smartrium imagined this piece of furniture as being usable both in a kitchen and in a living room. It can also be used as a separation between the two rooms. The brand manufactures its pieces in the South of France by respecting the rules of high-end craftsmanship and uses only quality products such as solid oak.

Three new ranges for January 2016

Given the success of the prototype presented at the show, Smartrium will launch in January 2016 three new ranges - "Epure", "Folk" and "Style" - of connected furniture which are already available for pre-order. Each model is customizable, it will still be necessary to count a minimum of 15,000 euros for a piece of furniture from the "Epure" range with 2 retractable boxes. More info on //