Prepare your potions for the garden

Prepare your potions for the garden

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The benefits of plants are no longer to be proven. We use them to decorate, to cook, for our health and well-being. Today, we invite you to discover plants from another angle. Plants can help plants! So we can use them in the garden. For this, it is necessary to make manure, decoctions, maceration or even infusions. What plants to choose for the garden? How to prepare your potions? The editorial team answers you!

The plants that make up the potions

Maintaining a garden naturally is possible. Certain plants, used in the form of potions, can help other plants. Among them, several are essential. It is garlic which acts both as an insecticide and as a fungicide, the nettle which has the same functions as garlic and which boosts plant health, the dandelion which ensures good plant growth, tomato which is a powerful insecticide and finally valerian which protects plants from frost.

Prepare a manure

To prepare a manure, you need plants chosen for their benefits and water. For each liter of water, you have to count 100g of plants. These soak for a specific time. The nettle liquid that will be used as an insecticide or fungicide must macerate for 12 to 24 hours and be filtered before being used. The same is true for dandelion manure which will be perfect in the vegetable patch. The tomato puree must macerate 12 hours to 3 whole days. It is a powerful insecticide which is used as a preventive or curative.

Prepare a decoction

Preparing a decoction is very simple. Just boil the cut leaves in water and then let it steep for a whole day. Filter the mixture and then spray it on your plants. To stimulate plants, decoctions are made with Horsetail. Comfrey will be used as an insecticide.

Prepare a maceration

Preparing a maceration requires cold water and plants. These are simply soaked for a day. The water is then filtered and used in the garden. The most common macerations are those based on garlic. They are used as an insecticide and as a fungicide.

Prepare an infusion

To prepare an infusion, you need 100g of plants per liter of water. Then boil everything, let cool and dilute the mixture with water before spraying the plants. The infused nettle is used to strengthen the natural defenses of plants. Valerian infusions protect the plants from the cold and especially from frost.


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