Before / After: Rethink a living room to integrate a parental bedroom

Before / After: Rethink a living room to integrate a parental bedroom

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The arrival of little Sandro somewhat upset the family organization, thus forcing the owners, Audrey and Rémi, already parents of a small Chiara, to completely rethink the structure of their Parisian apartment of 85 m². They called upon the Avous Agency to take charge of the realization of this ambitious construction project. The complexity of the project? Create a small bedroom in the existing living room while preserving the brightness and the impression of grandeur that the space currently enjoys. Area: 7 m² Budget: 18,000 euros HT

A living room to recompose

Before: Composed of two bedrooms and a large living room, the apartment no longer meets the new needs of the family. Forced to install the newborn in Chiara's bedroom and to cede their bedroom to their daughter, the couple finds themselves "camping" in the living room. A precarious situation which cannot last!
After: Faced with this thorny problem, the agency decided to integrate into the triple living room a bedroom, or rather a night cube of 7 m².

A glass roof for a bright interior

After: Successful bet ! Positioned in the axis of the window, a glass roof allows to conserve natural light and to keep the vanishing point on the whole wing of the apartment from the entrance. Thanks to this solution, the living space retains its impression of grandeur and light continues to pass through all spaces. Outside the bedroom, against the glass roof, a desk has been installed. A practical solution that meets the needs of Audrey who works frequently at home.

Ultra-functional storage

After: In order to make this small space practical, functional and perfectly optimized, two custom-made dressings have been installed. In order to enlarge the room and energize it, a variation in the height of the furniture was made. Result: a modern and soothing room where life is good! Agence Avous, interior architecture agency