The little "combis" by Brandt

The little "combis" by Brandt

To help us prepare for the start of the new school year, Brandt is launching its little "combis". Small, stylish and practical, they combine a fridge and freezer. Perfect for those who live in a small space, but are not ready to give up the comfort of both devices. Presentation of these new products.

They have everything big

Only 1.55 meters tall, the Brandt "combis" have nothing to envy of the larger aircraft. They accommodate a 134-liter refrigerator and a 55-liter real freezer (and not a simple bin for making ice cubes). The fact that they are not very large allows you to use the remaining ceiling height to arrange a storage space or, why not, add a decorative touch to your kitchen by exhibiting a beautiful object. Compact but also ecological, Brandt's "combis" belong to the energy class A + and therefore consume very little electricity.

A design touch in our kitchen

The small size of the "combis" allows them not to invade the kitchen space too much. They are available in red, for those who want to add a touch of color to their kitchen, as well as in black, for those who would prefer to opt for a more classic version. The doors of these new combined refrigerators are clad in glass with a mirror finish. A detail that makes them real design elements for the kitchen and can be useful for a quick touch-up makeup or hairstyle.
"Combis" by Brandt: 500 euros More information on //www.brandt.fr/