5 bathroom tips to save time in the morning

5 bathroom tips to save time in the morning

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The use of the bathroom has evolved considerably in recent decades. Unmissable passageway in the house, this room is today the cocoon of the hearth, the space where we like to relax, meet and spend time. But, beyond these considerations, this room must be a practical and functional space, arranged to facilitate the daily routine. To help you in this endeavor, have selected five tips that will allow you to optimize the time spent in the bathroom in the morning and thus start the day off right!

A recycled ladder in a towel rack

In the bathroom, if there is one accessory that you must have on hand, it is your towel. So, to make it easier for you to store and to avoid any inconvenience when taking your shower, we thought of offering you these beautiful ladders diverted in decorative towel racks. Aesthetic and easy to install, they have it all!

Jars for brushes

The idea is certainly simple but it is frighteningly practical and functional. Jars, a good dose of pearls, grains of rice or coffee and you're ready to install your brushes. And, if you have an ecological soul, you can always opt for a makisu, this wooden roller in which you roll your homemade sushi, which you will use as a utility for your brushes. The accessories at your fingertips!

A magnetic board for the make-up

Tired of seeing your makeup scattered all over the bathroom? Tired of seeing it spread everywhere on your sink or on your shelves? Opt for a magnetic board to fix your make-up. Powered by small magnets, it offers optimal storage and allows for good use of the walls when there is a lack of space in the bathroom. An original and practical solution to save to save time in the morning!

A magnetic bar for all hair accessories

To keep your barrettes, hair clips or eyebrow clips for a long time, it is better to pamper them so that they do not get damaged. To take care of it, let's think of an intelligent storage system. The solution: stick a magnetic strip above your sink. It will then be more practical for you, when styling your hair, to dig into it.

A PVC pipe diverted into a hair dryer range

And finally, this is a great idea to keep nearby and store your hair dryer, hair straightener and hair brushes. The trick: cut a part of a PVC tube and install its hairdressing equipment. No more cluttered closet, not easy to access, in short, not practical at all!