4 methods for a mosquito-free garden

4 methods for a mosquito-free garden

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Aborted barbecue or aperitif on the terrace that turns short, so that mosquitoes do not invite themselves during your evenings outdoors, here are four methods to put an end to the scourge of bites.

Mosquito repellent lamps

We all know that mosquitoes are often attracted to light sources. To trap them, nothing like a mosquito lamp. Approaching the light it emits, mosquitoes are immediately grilled by the electric metal surface that surrounds the bulb. Convenient !

Mosquito repellent candles

Placed on the table, on the ground on the edge of the terrace, installed in torches, anti-insect candles are also a good method to get rid of mosquitoes in the garden. Do not be afraid to bet on the quantity, especially of lemongrass models, you will create a space of tranquility.

Install certain plants around your terrace

Third solution to get rid of mosquitoes: plant lavender, basil or geranium feet around your terrace. These give off a scent that these pests hate. Sure they will finally leave you alone when you have dinner!

A clip for babies

Little ones also need to protect themselves against mosquitoes. For this, adopt a Lovebug, mosquito repellent plug in the shape of a ladybug which clips where you want. This repels them by imitating the noise of their enemy n ° 1: the dragonfly. Most: this sound is almost inaudible by humans and will not bother you in the least.


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