Everything about the thermodynamic water heater

Everything about the thermodynamic water heater

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The thermodynamic water heater is a particularly advantageous piece of equipment for heating the water in a home, using a heat pump. It allows to combine perfectly, ecological requirement and economic profitability. Find more articles on the theme: Work quotes for a water heater installation

Thermodynamic water heater: operation

The thermodynamic water heater uses aerothermal energy to heat the domestic water in a home. Its main rule is to capture the calories naturally present in the air, with the aim of diffusing the heat towards the water of the balloon. It is a device that uses clean, inexhaustible and completely free energy. The water heater can use air from the outside wind, ambient air that is not heated or air taken from a VMC (Controlled mechanical ventilation). Different products are available, depending on the source used. An electrical back-up is only necessary if the temperatures are extreme, or if there is a significant need for hot water, which generally does not happen very often.

Thermodynamic water heaters: advantages

By using a thermodynamic water heater, you will benefit from a comfortable supply of hot water all year round, and you will make significant energy savings. These energy savings can be around 70%. In fact, the performance coefficient of this device is around 4. In other words, for 1 kW of energy absorbed, the heat pump produces 4 kW. The thermodynamic system also covers an average of 70% of a household's hot water needs, using exclusively the calories present in the air. Unlike the solar water heater which will be less efficient at certain times of the year, the thermodynamic system will operate optimally all year round: in fact, the temperature inside the premises remains relatively constant. Furthermore, the efficiency of the thermodynamic water heater is higher than that of the solar water heater. This type of water heater also impresses with its silent operation. In addition, it allows an appreciable gain in space compared to the electric cumulus. The thermodynamic water heater is also easy to use.

Thermodynamic water heater: installation

The thermodynamic water heater is a water heater that is most often installed in a garage, in a laundry room or in a laundromat. The only imperative is to place it within a space of 8 m² minimum. If you decide to install your thermodynamic water heater in a space whose area is less than 8 m², the air discharge and suction must be carried out outside the house or in another room of the housing. The thermodynamic water heater is ideally placed in a laundry room where household appliances will be installed. Indeed, the heat released by these electrical equipment will be easily collected by the heat pump; the water can be heated quickly. The thermodynamic water heater will also have the function of drying the room while cleaning the air.