The Masterpiece, the completely leaning Electrolux collection

The Masterpiece, the completely leaning Electrolux collection

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Electrolux is on all fronts! After the refrigerators, the brand presents a new range of blenders which intends to become a real reference. Today, presentation of "The Masterpiece". With such a name, they have no interest in disappointing us!

An explosively shaped blender

Does its design seem odd to you? It's normal. The Electrolux engineers have indeed thought long and hard to create this ESB9300 Masterpiece Collection model. In fact, they simply tilted the bowl and the blades inside it. This technology called PowerTilt, combining edge and specific inclinations, should allow the motor with a power of 1200W to mix the preparation more effectively. That's a good news ! Usually, the vortex created in a conventional blender is parallel to the edges of the bowl, and it can happen that food does not pass between the blades. With the new Electrolux system, the trajectory of still unmixed food is thus disturbed and they must therefore more easily meet the six blades of the knife with titanium coating.
This UFO in the world of blenders also has other tricks in its bag: 3 blade rotation speeds, 4 programs (crushed ice, drink, soup and smoothie). A Boost function is also available (corresponding to the traditional "Pulse" function). The bowl, with a total volume of 2.2 liters, is dishwasher safe but you cannot take it apart to clean it.

The Masterpiece, the collection

The Masterpiece collection is magical. It also offers a multi-function robot, also equipped with PowerTilt technology, this famous tilt. It comes with a complete set of accessories for mixing, blending, slicing, grating, cutting, emulsifying. In addition, you will find the Masterpiece hand blender and its TruFlow Pro technology for successful smooth mixing. Thanks to its XXL base, you can mix directly in the dishes. The triple blade knife and the turbo engine are solid guarantees of performance.
Electrolux, Masterpiece Collection ESB9300 blender: 399 euros Electrolux, Masterpiece Collection ESTM9500 mixer stand: 239 euros Electrolux, Masterpiece Collection EFP9300 multifunction robot: 699 euros More info on //