Electrolux Customflex, storing the refrigerator has never been easier

Electrolux Customflex, storing the refrigerator has never been easier

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Combined refrigerators are on the rise. And for good reason, when we do the shopping, we are quickly annoyed by the storage of our fridges. This is the reason why Electrolux launched a very clever range of CustomFlex refrigerators. We tell you a little more?

Four new handsets from Electrolux

Electrolux creates a surprise with four new models of handsets, practical and fully modular for easier everyday use. Energy class A ++, these devices allow up to 50% savings compared to conventional refrigerators. But what is mainly expected of them is their storage systems. CustomFlex models offer space that adjusts as desired. Goodbye the puzzle on the return from the races. Where to store milk? eggs ? We are talking here about modular space. The door storage spaces are infinitely adaptable. You can even benefit from multi-purpose compartments.

A set of practical accessories

The Customflex kit is composed of a half creamery compartment, boxes of different FlexBox sizes: one small, two medium, one large, one deep and two clips. The handsets are equipped with a Freshzone compartment and a Maxibox storage to extend the shelf life without drying out. The bottle shelves allow horizontal storage.

A set of useful options

Electrolux highlights its technologies like TwinTech FreshPlus which keeps food 3 times longer. The cold air will be distributed homogeneously to keep the stored products as good as possible. The "super freezing" function punctually accelerates cooling. Even better, the freezer enjoys ventilated cold which relieves you of the chore of defrosting by preventing the formation of frost. Latest technology: integrated LED which allows excellent visibility, produces little heat (not dangerous to the touch), and above all is very economical for a lifespan ten times longer than traditional bulbs. Four stainless steel models are available in 185 cm or 200 cm and fitted with a reversible door, these handsets can be easily integrated to suit all kitchen sizes. Model EN3618MFX : 699 euros Model EN3458MFX : 799 euros Model EN3858MFX : 849 euros Model EN3889MFX : 1049 euros More info on //