What do I take to revamp my vacation rental?

What do I take to revamp my vacation rental?

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The arrival in the house or the holiday apartment is of course synonymous with good humor. Only one downside: the decor ... because indeed, most rentals have the same impersonal look, intended to appeal to the greatest number. In other words, to feel like at home, it is better to think of carrying some light accessories in the suitcase. Here are a few ideas to guide you ... This year, to give soul to your rental, bet on the household linen and do not bring only beach towels in your suitcase. Also slip sheets, tablecloths and why not your favorite cushion covers. You can also take linen to hide unattractive furniture. For the old-fashioned sofa, you just have to put down a large plain sheet and add a few colorful cushions. If you do not have room to store everything in your luggage, you can perfectly do the same thing with a plaid (less bulky) or even a nice pareo. To feel at home in this house, also take something to set up a pretty table. During the holidays, meal times are moments of sharing that we appreciate more than the rest of the year, so we might as well take advantage of them as decoration! For this, a nice tablecloth, a table runner, place mats or napkins will suffice! Latest decorative accessories easy to carry on vacation: candles, candle jars and string lights. They will accompany you in complete privacy after dark.
1. The cotton tablecloth, € 17.99 at H&M Home / 2. The Procida tealight holder, € 55 at AM PM / 3. The flower embroidery towel, € 2.99 at Zara Home / 4. The table set GUINGUETTE tea towel motif, € 10.49 at Delamaison / 5. The white bed sheet, € 25 at Gifi / 6. The CARAVANE light garland, € 17.99 at Maisons du Monde / 7. The STRANDKRYPA duvet cover, 19, 95 € at Ikea


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