Before / After: An entrance becomes a fully equipped minimalist kitchen

Before / After: An entrance becomes a fully equipped minimalist kitchen

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The owners of this 17 m² three-room apartment in Versailles dreamed of an additional bedroom. To answer this problem, the architects and urban planners of the Agence Demont Reynaud had no other choice than to rethink the whole apartment. The program therefore: renovation of the rooms, creation of a bathroom, filing of partitions to remove the corridors and widening of the entrance in order to transform it into kitchen. A surprising and uncommon solution which has made it possible on the one hand to take advantage of this transition space often left in the shadows and on the other hand to optimize the space in an intelligent way. We open the doors to this site like no other! Area : 7.3 m² Budget: 935 € / m² tax incl.

Move a partition to enlarge the entrance

Before: A dark and narrow corridor that serves as an entrance, a too spacious master bedroom ... the partition separating the two spaces must be moved so as to widen the corridor sufficiently and install the new kitchen there. Objective: bite on the surface of the master bedroom to integrate the kitchen equipment.

Integrate a kitchen

After: The entrance has disappeared and today gives way to a completely open minimalist kitchen. This is visually demarcated by the color and the variable height differences under the ceiling which were updated when the partitions were removed. Much lower than originally, the kitchen ceiling now hides the technical elements and lighting. On the color side, the agency favored a deep black which favors the visual framing of the kitchen. Fully equipped, the kitchen now consists of state-of-the-art appliances, deliberately built into furniture. Along the partition separating the master bedroom from the living room, the kitchen is extended, by means of a small white cabinet matching those installed in the old entrance. As for the living room, it remained as it was, with its beautiful moldings on the ceiling. Hidden in the alcove, the master bedroom has been arranged in a 9 m² space, separated from the rest of the room by sliding doors.

Sublimate the old

After : The parquet floor formerly separating the corridor and the bedroom has been preserved. The result is a visible connection difference between the living room and the kitchen. An interesting tip to visually delimit spaces and add style to a room. Another memory of the previous arrangement: the moldings! Renovated and cropped thanks to the false ceiling, they are now highlighted by the lighting of the room.
Sébastien Demont and Hortense Reynaud, Agence Demont Reynaud