What old vegetables to grow?

What old vegetables to grow?

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The old vegetables have been brought up to date by many great chefs. Today they are very popular with the French who are more and more attentive to their diet. Old vegetables, also called forgotten vegetables, are packed with quality. They can be found at fruit and vegetable stores, in organic shops, on the market and even in certain supermarkets. But to take full advantage of them, you can grow them yourself. How? 'Or' What ? To find out, we went to meet René who sells his fruits and vegetables on the markets of the Anjou region.

Why did the old vegetables disappear?

The old vegetables were temporarily shunned because they no longer met consumers' expectations. They are less beautiful and less colorful. These characteristics are explained by the fact that the forgotten vegetables are not hybrid, they have not been artificially crossed in order to satisfy distributors and consumers. The old vegetables are rich in taste, they are authentic and bring a lot in everyday cooking.

Can we grow old vegetables ourselves?

Of course, it is not so difficult to have old vegetables in the vegetable patch. As with every vegetable, you have to respect the seasonality, know when to plant the seedlings and especially how to maintain them.

How to grow old "root" vegetables?

Most root vegetables, old or not, are grown in April. They are harvested all fall and winter. These tubers develop underground. In this large family of forgotten vegetables, we can cite parsnip, crosne, tuberous chervil, horseradish, Jerusalem artichoke, tuberous parsley, helianti, chervis and Vitelotte potato. There are also many types of carrots.

How to grow peas that belong to the family of ancient vegetables?

Among the old vegetables, there are sweet peas and small Caen squares. Like green beans, they are grown in the summer and harvested in the fall and winter. Dwarf varieties are harvested earlier than others. These vegetables are delicious and offer a little nutty taste very appreciated by children.

What other ancient vegetables can we grow?

There are dozens of them! You can grow patisson, perennial cabbage, Green Zebra tomato, rocambole onion, lemon cucumber, asparagus chicory and reindeer gray, a variety of melon.

How to cook old vegetables?

They cook like the others. By their nature, cooking takes a little longer. Ancient vegetables are steamed, cooked in water, they can be grilled, simmered or roasted. They offer different tastes and allow you to vary the diet. The latter is healthier!