What colors should you give for a trendy teen bedroom?

What colors should you give for a trendy teen bedroom?

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For a teenager to feel good in his space, it is essential to meet his requirements in terms of decoration, whether it is a globetrotter, an ecologist or a great romantic. The teenage bedroom - whatever its style - must also be functional with a sleeping area and an office area perfectly harmonized. To certainly succeed in decorating a teenage bedroom, it is in any case essential to play the color card.

Traveler spirit

To respond to a desire to escape, the teen bedroom decor emphasizes the big cities of the world. For a British atmosphere, we table on the colors of the Union Jack: British flag on wall panel, metal gray furniture, blue parquet floor. We do not forget the red of the essential English telephone booth, nor the stretch ceiling representing a view of London. And to open up to other horizons, we create an invitation to travel thanks to an XXL hanging lamp, printed with the name of capitals such as Paris, Tokyo, Rome or Buenos Aires, in colors in harmony with the decor, mixing red, beige and blue.

Urban influence

Facing stone wallpaper, steel gray door and window frames, black steel trestle, work board, chest of drawers and wall shelves covered in red lacquered paint: the teenage bedroom is literally transformed to adopt a very urban atmosphere. vogue. Vinyl flooring is also in trend: the prints are projected by laser, and the effect is stunning. Black graffiti on a silver background or Postcard print combining pinkish beige and gray: this type of coating wins all the votes with teenagers, boys and girls. The bed linen follows the trend with bright and cheerful colors to enhance the whole. As for the blinds that are much better suited to the urban atmosphere than fabric, they bring a metallic touch to the teenage bedroom.

Plant atmosphere

Furnishing the bedroom of a teenager who loves nature involves the use of bright colors. We can therefore combine green, chocolate and sand. On a white background, these colors create a soothing universe conducive to relaxation but also to reflection. They are to be adopted as much for the sleeping area as for the office area. Emphasis is placed on the plant atmosphere thanks to bed linen and cushions printed with patterns evoking nature, and on the walls, stickers or posters of plants and minerals. Very trendy: giant pictures of landscapes to hang on the wall like a strip of wallpaper. Finally, the light must be ultra present in this type of atmosphere, and the sheer sheer sheer curtains will leave a clear view of the outside.

Romantic teenage bedroom

For a young dreamer, the colors of the teenage bedroom soften and the bucolic atmosphere is essential. We choose a pastel floral print for country-style bed linen and white or natural wood furniture. Very trendy, the pinkish mauve of a section of wall goes nicely with the pearl gray of the other walls. On the natural wood parquet, a purple carpet matching the curtains intensifies the romantic trend of the room.
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