Tutorial: a pearl bracelet with safety pins

Tutorial: a pearl bracelet with safety pins

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Usually used to attach pieces of fabric or labels, safety pins can also be used to create beautiful jewelry! But beware, the jewels we are talking about are light years away from the "punk" era when we thought that wearing safety pins as earrings was "really too classy"! No, today we are going to learn how to make a refined bracelet with only a few safety pins and pretty pearls!


- about fifty golden safety pins - 20 cm of elastic cord - a box of pearls - a pair of scissors Budget: around 8 € Duration: 2 hours


1. To begin, thread beads onto the safety pins, then close them.
2. Cut the elastic cord into two 10 cm pieces. Thread all the pins on a piece of cord, orienting them all on the same side.
3. Repeat for the other end of the pins with the second piece of cord.
4. Tie the two pieces of wire with a knot, so as to form a bracelet.


There you go, it was easy, right? With this technique, you can also make necklaces or even rings! And if this tutorial did not fully convince you that you can create beautiful jewelry with 3 times nothing, discover how to make a marine bracelet with simple shoe laces!
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