Hisense, new brand of refrigerators in France

Hisense, new brand of refrigerators in France

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Hisense, the Chinese brand of household appliances arrives in France for the first time. Known worldwide for the manufacture and sale of phones and tablets, it is with the launch of its full range of 30 refrigerators and freezers that today decided to tell you about it. The different models on offer are now available in Conforama and Boulanger stores for a price range from 300 to 1,200 euros. Presentation.

Products that seek the high end

Hisense wanted to do things well and developed products especially for French consumers in a Research and Development center in Germany. Total control of design and production has enabled Hisense to offer one of the best qualities on the market. In Europe, the brand has one of the lowest return rates for all of its products. The refrigerators are elegant with sober brushed aluminum fronts and also offer technological performance. The vast majority operate in ventilated cooling and have integrated LED lighting, a digital control screen on the front, and for some a water dispenser.

Interesting features

The interior of Hisense refrigerators offers 15% more storage than well-known brands. The Vacation Function option is used to reduce the consumption of the refrigerator. In terms of energy consumption, it has been considerably reduced (around 166 KWh / year). But Hisense is expected on the argument of ventilated cold. This is what consumers expect to avoid in particular the diffusion of odor and frost. The range also has bins with independent settings to keep food fresh longer.
More information on the website //www.hisense.fr/liste-refrigerateurs


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