Before / After: Create a shaded outdoor space

Before / After: Create a shaded outdoor space

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It is not always easy to enjoy your garden during the summer, when the temperature rises too high and the sun's rays become aggressive. This is the case for this pretty country house, whose garden has no shaded space: the owners wishing to rethink its layout in its entirety, they called on the outside design agency Slowgarden to imagine a space protected from the sunshine, devoted to relaxation and meals. A real additional "room", a large custom-made pergola was created in a few weeks: it now welcomes family and friends for joyful and convivial moments of sharing!

Rearrange the garden from A to Z

Before : the garden is left almost in the wild, with plants growing in an anarchic way. Apart from the pretty stone wall that separates the garden side from the pool area, no changes have been made. The whole is confused and does not benefit from shaded space essential for outdoor dining.
After : The owners want to give a soul to this large garden adjoining their house. After submitting their various wishes to the architects of the Slowgarden agency, they propose the installation of a wooden pergola which will delimit the dining area. This large outdoor dining room is intended for large tables that the owners love, but also for relaxing afternoons devoted to reading and resting.

Tailor-made work

Specialized in exterior fittings, the Slowgarden design office is fully aware of the constraints linked to irregular terrain and knows how to make the most of the existing environment, whether natural or built. The architects of the Marseille agency therefore decided to use the walls surrounding the garden to delimit the foundations of the wooden terrace. The latter is placed slightly in height so that the water can evacuate without hindrance when it rains. Overhung by a large beige canvas arranged in staggered rows, the terrace is sheltered from the sun's rays while remaining open to the garden. The trees adjoining the walls are kept to strengthen the shade above the pergola, and help to spread a fresh and plant-like atmosphere.

Adapt the furniture to the existing environment

All the furniture elements were made by the agency, according to the wishes of the owners. They wanted a large table to accommodate family and friends during weekends and holidays. The table / bench set has been entirely designed in wood and seems to rise from the ground as if by magic. This wonderful dining area - which can accommodate up to 12 guests - is topped with straw suspensions that give the pergola a very natural touch. The Zen style is completed by a suspended bed inviting to a nap, whose mattress has been specially designed to withstand the weather and stay outside all year round.

A friendly space in the middle of lush greenery

The garden is now structured and provides owners with a real shaded area conducive to relaxation. Its strategic location between the house and the pool allows residents to shelter at any time of the day and enjoy the garden 100%! Slowgarden