The silent blender by Bosch

The silent blender by Bosch

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Among the novelties offered by Bosch, the SilentMixx blender may well become the star of your kitchen! Combining know-how and cutting-edge technology, this newcomer to the brand's range of household appliances allows you to grind your food very finely while remaining silent! It will be available in the fall of 2015. Find out why you are going to adopt it!

A super powerful and super silent mixer!

The new blender from Bosch is incredibly quiet, but it does not lose its efficiency! Equipped with a powerful motor (700 W) with sound insulation, it also has a tight and reinforced cover which isolates noise. The shape of the device's bowl has also been redesigned to further reduce the device's decibels! This model is very simple to clean. The blades, made of stainless steel, are detachable. They fit perfectly on the mixing bowl and on the mini-chopper. They are even powerful enough to work with crushed ice! All elements are washable in the dishwasher. Isn't life beautiful?

Smart features

You can use the SilentMixx blender for any type of food! The blender bowl, made of Thermosafe glass, resists shock and temperature changes. Ideal for preparing good soups in winter! And nothing like making smoothies, creams or even milkshakes when summer arrives. This appliance will become your best ally in the kitchen! With its five speeds, this blender allows you to choose the power of the rotation of the blades, depending on what you are preparing.
It also has pre-programmed keys to help you with your recipes, and two automatic programs: a crushed ice touch and a mini-chopper. Added to this is the pulse function, which is suitable for dried fruit and hard food to be mixed.
Count around 110 euros for the whole or 90 euros for the light version, with two speeds and function, without mini-chopper or automatic programs.


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