The Ecocapsule, a mobile and ecological house with a futuristic design

The Ecocapsule, a mobile and ecological house with a futuristic design

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The Ecocapsule is a new form of habitat that will revolutionize the way you travel! Mobile, autonomous and ecological, this compact caravan allows you to go on an adventure, without leaving modern comfort. Presentation.

A compact, functional caravan…

Designed by the architectural firm Nice Architects, based in Bratislava in Slovakia, the Ecocapsule is a low-energy mobile home. An egg-shaped design, and small dimensions (4.5 m long, 2.5 m wide, 2.5 m high), make this Ecocapsule, a new form of flexible, mobile housing and comfortable. And indeed, despite appearances, the Ecocapsule offers all modern comforts: a double bed with window, a bathroom area with shower, hot water and toilets, a kitchenette fitted with running water, a dining area, convertible into an office, and multiple storage spaces. All this, skillfully designed to easily accommodate two adults.

… And innovative

Designed to be energetically autonomous, the Ecocapsule is powered by an integrated and retractable wind turbine, associated with a network of solar collectors (2.6 m²), located on its roof; while a device collects and filters rainwater and morning dew. In case of capricious weather, do not panic, the Ecocapsule has a high capacity battery to take over, and store the energy necessary for the continuation of your trip. As for its weight, 1,500 kg, it allows the Ecocapsule to be easily transported in a container or on a trailer, behind a car.
Available from 2016, the price of the capsule will be announced at the end of 2015. More information on ecocapsule.sk


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