Tutorial: how to make your own kitchen apron?

Tutorial: how to make your own kitchen apron?

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Have you spotted an amazing apron in the last "An almost perfect dinner"? Ah yes, pink, with dolphins and unicorns! Well, take some time to think about it before ordering it, it may not be such a good idea ... However, this pretty plaid fabric, that is muddy! And while you're at it, why not create it yourself? Today, we are going to learn how to make a fabric kitchen apron .


- a fairly rigid piece of fabric for the apron - another piece of fabric for the pocket (we opted for jersey) - a 216 cm cotton twill ribbon - a sewing machine - an iron - scissors - sewing pins - a needle - sewing thread - a pencil - the pattern (pattern in two pieces) Sewing values: 1 cm for the pocket, 1 cm on the sides, 2 cm for the top and bottom Budget: around 10 € Duration: 2 hours


1. Start by folding the fabric in half according to the straight thread and place the pattern at the fold. Cut twice on the fold.
2. Fold the fabric of the pocket in half and place the pattern at the fold. Cut once twice on the fold of the pocket.
3. Cut the twill ribbon into two pieces of 74 cm for the size and a piece of 68 cm for the neck.
4. Transfer the location of the pocket with pins to the fabric of the apron and write your marks in pencil.
5. Complete the apron finishes by making a double filled of 0.5 cm on the sides. Make a rib bite. Repeat for the top and bottom, but with a double filled with 1 cm.
6. Prepare the piece of twill ribbon for the neck. Make a double filled 1 cm at both ends, then place each end on the wrong side at the neck, hiding the double filled against the apron. Keep them filled with a pin.
7. Repeat with the pieces of twill tape for size.
8. Sew in a square, finishing with a diagonal to maintain the twill.
9. Make the finishes of the two twill ribbons of the waist. For this, make a double filled 1 cm by hiding the filled on the back of the twill, then make a rib stitch at the fold.
10. Take the piece of fabric from the pocket and make a double filled 1 cm at the top. Make a zig zag bite to keep it full. Our tip: the zig zag stitching keeps the jersey elastic.
11. Fill the other three sides of the pocket with 1 cm.
12. Place the pocket on the apron according to the marks. Make a zig zag stitch on all three sides, then divide the pocket in half with a straight vertical stitch to get two pockets.


Okay, come on, if you really insist, you can also use a fabric with unicorn patterns to make this pretty apron! Are your friends all jealous of the splendor of your new apron? Give them a custom apron to console them!

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