Before / After: Create a link between the house and the garden thanks to a terrace

Before / After: Create a link between the house and the garden thanks to a terrace

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After transforming a poorly functioning Norman farmhouse into a modern and friendly place to live, the owners of this charming secondary residence in Eure set out to create a terrace. The idea? Make a link between the house and the garden, but also be able to make the most of their garden and the view, while further modernizing the building. The architect and interior designer founder of the Garance Touch agency, Fabienne Pujol, has once again agreed to take on the work. She is at the origin of the arrangement, the ideas of decoration and the choice of colors. Discover the step-by-step stages of the emergence of an outdoor living space! Area: Terrace 30 m² - Garden 1000 m² Budget: € 8,500 excl. Tax for the creation of the terrace, the lighting, the garden furniture and the outdoor decoration accessories

Composing with a Norman longère

Before: The initial project was to transform a barely functional longhouse into a modern and friendly place to live. The Norman farmhouse measures 15 meters long by 3.5 meters wide. The Norman farmhouse is surrounded by unattractive and noisy gravel.
After: One of the main wishes of the owners was to keep the exterior aspect of the farmhouse so as not to lose the charm and authenticity of the house. The small mullioned windows and the external staircase (which provides access to the attic) have therefore been preserved.

A brick terrace that blends into the landscape

Before: The architecture of the residence had to be completely rehabilitated, because it had been abandoned since 1970. It was therefore necessary to design a terrace in harmony with this new look, while giving modernity to the surface. In addition, the Garance Touch agency had to design the terrace based on the pre-existing garden.
After: The terrace is located on two thirds of the longère. Understand from the front door of the house to the foot of the outside staircase over a length of 10 meters. The creation of the terrace was designed by Fabienne Pujol to facilitate access to the attic. Indeed, the owners wanted to make their attic a living room, by fitting out two bedrooms, a reading corner and a water point. Before pouring the concrete slab, a geotextile was installed to prevent any rise in humidity. The terrace was made of red bricks to remind the codes of the farmhouse. Finally, for the decorative touch, garden furniture and a parasol, from the Les Jardins brand, were added, as well as Roger Pradier light fixtures in rust finish.

Refresh the garden

Before: The owners wanted to redo their garden, which was worn out over time. In order to make it more lively and less straight, they therefore called the Garance Touch agency, stating that they wanted to obtain a decorative atmosphere corresponding to the style of the farmhouse.

After: Fabienne Pujol had the good idea to create different flowered spaces in rounded shapes. Effectively, visually, this immediately breaks the straight lines of the surface. In terms of decoration, the zinc basins already present have been diverted from their initial use to make flower tubs or basins. In addition, there is a site drum turned into an aperitif corner, ideal for summer! Fabienne Pujol, Garance Touch Agency

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