Molino, the return of the electric coffee grinder

Molino, the return of the electric coffee grinder

Coffee lovers will be delighted with the new Melitta brand electric coffee grinder. His name is Molino and is electric. Introducing this new kid on the market.

Espresso or lying down?

The new utensil has a strong point. It has 17 different grinding levels. In single, he can make 17 different kinds of coffee. You simply have to select the level of fineness of the desired grind: from the finest grind for full-bodied aromatic espresso to the thickest for coffee prepared in a piston or filter coffee maker for example. "The Melitta Molino® electric coffee grinder precisely grinds coffee beans according to your requirements. "confides the Italian brand, a recognized specialist in the preparation of coffee and coffee-based beverages. Uniform fineness of grinding is obtained by adjusting the distance between the two grindstones. An innovation that allows this type of coffee grinder to also be used by coffee professionals.

Simplified ergonomics

Molino has been designed for efficient use in order to suit all households. Indeed,"The construction design and the powerful motor of the device guarantee an exceptional result in a short time." It has a bean container with a capacity of 200 grams and it automatically grinds the desired quantity of beans. Thereafter, you can make a set number of coffee cups, up to 14 cups. You can also collect the coffee thanks to the ground coffee collection tank. Another tip, cleaning is very easy: the grinding wheel, the coffee bean hopper and the cover are removable. The appliance switches off automatically as soon as the desired quantity has been ground. In addition, it has low power consumption. Basically, it has it all!
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