Tutorial: create a pineapple mirror

Tutorial: create a pineapple mirror

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Lisette is glamorous. Lisette is curious. And above all, Lisette likes to tinker. Jewelry, decorative objects, accessories in the burlesque style (which she particularly likes) ... she likes to create with her hands and shares her many DIY on her blog: Chez Lisette. Today, we have decided to share with you one of his tutorials which is inspired by a very trendy fruit in decoration: pineapple. So if you want to bring summer into your decor, let yourself be guided and easily make a pineapple-shaped mirror.


You will need: - a small table mirror - masking tape - a spray of golden paint - a sheet of card stock (fairly thick) - a pencil - a news item: 739781 cutter - a tube of glue or a spray gun glue Duration: approximately 30 min (not including the drying time of the paint) Cost: approximately € 3


1. Stick masking tape on the glass of your mirror to protect it.

2. Flush the entire mirror (front and back), then allow it to dry. For this step, we advise you to sit outside and protect your floor well, with old newspapers for example.

3. While the mirror is drying, you will be able to create the pineapple leaves. To do this, take a pencil and draw the contours of the leaves on card stock. You can also download and print this model created by Lisette in order to put it on your card stock.
4. Using an actu: 739781 cutter, cut your shape following the contours.
5. Also shape your shape, preferably on both sides. Let it dry.

6. Make sure the paint on your mirror is dry and gently remove the masking tape.
7. All you have to do is stick your sheets on the back of the mirror. For this step, you can use a glue gun or just a tube of strong glue. Place two dots of glue at the bottom of your shape, then put it on the back of your mirror and press to maintain it while the glue dries.


Your pineapple mirror is now finished! Placed on a piece of furniture in the living room, bedroom or bathroom, it will add a summery and offbeat touch to your decoration. And if you don't want to permanently glue the sheets, you can simply fix them with adhesive paste.
Thanks to Moïra from the Chez Lisette blog for her creation! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your pineapple mirror on our Facebook page, and find more ideas on our Pinterest!