Vacuum storage: the vacuum saves us space!

Vacuum storage: the vacuum saves us space!

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When the seasons change, you should store your clothes and linens to make room for the right one. And to save space, only one tip: vacuum storage! Slipped under the bed or in the cupboards, the latter are real allies for storing everything and can be used very simply. Presentation. What is vacuum storage? It is a simple cover from which you remove the air using a vacuum cleaner after putting on your clothes. This type of bag therefore has the advantage of containing much more than a conventional bag. Designed in inflatable plastic, it offers a large capacity and a small footprint. Convenient when you want to save a few cubic centimeters! Once filled with your winter clothes, ski gear, comforter and other bulky textiles, all you have to do is place the tip of your vacuum cleaner on the inflation hole of the bag and vacuum. The cover will compress in its most minimal form and will ultimately form a very small bag easy to store. Ideal to slip into a drawer, under the bed or in a compartment of your wardrobe. The plus: you can even store them in an attic because the interior is protected from dust and humidity. Design side, Note that these vacuum storage allow you to save up to 75% of space! On the design side, no surprise! There are many models simply made of plastic. Other vacuum storage units have a pretty storage cover. So, you can leave them in evidence without risking the decoration fault!
1. The set of 2 storage bags, € 14.44 at La Redoute / 2. The empty air storage bag, € 12.99 at Tati / 3. The set of 2 HAJDEBY vacuum bags, 9.99 € at Ikea / 4. The SPACEO vacuum storage bag, € 17.95 at Leroy Merlin / 5. The rose-scented vacuum bag, € 6 at Gifi / 6. The set of 12 vacuum storage bags, € 17.99 at Amazon / 7. The 125L Compactor storage cover, € 19.90 at Conforama


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