6 simple tips to save electricity in the house

6 simple tips to save electricity in the house

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In everyday life, there are a multitude of simple actions to adopt to reduce your energy consumption, and consequently, your electricity bill. The editor has listed 6, easy to carry out daily.

Tip 1: Fill the fridge with empty boxes

If your fridge is almost empty, it will have to consume more to keep the few products present at the right temperature. The best idea to avoid this waste of energy is to fill the vacant spaces with empty boxes or bottles of water.

Tip n ° 2: Switch off the heating during ventilation

And yes, it's very simple, and yet, we don't always think about it! When you open the window to ventilate a room in winter, the first reflex is of course to turn off the radiator. It only takes a few seconds, so don't skip it!

Tip 3: Use low-energy light bulbs

Low energy light bulbs allow you to achieve great energy savings compared to conventional bulbs. It can still reach 75%! Even if these are more expensive to buy, they remain a good investment in the long term. Our advice if you don't have the budget to put it everywhere: favor the rooms in which you spend the most time.

Tip # 4: Put a lid on the pans during cooking

Boiling a pot of water with a lid requires four times less energy. Faster, less expensive, you have everything to gain by using this cooking tip!

Tip 5: Do not leave devices on standby

You may not know it, but a device simply put on standby can consume up to 75% of the energy it consumes when it is switched on! Also, take the time to properly turn off your televisions or even your computers.

Tip # 6: Turn off the light when leaving a room

It's simple, but significant energy savings can be achieved just by pressing the switch at each exit. Easy, right?