Before / After: A parental room like a hotel suite

Before / After: A parental room like a hotel suite

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The owners of this apartment located in the 17th arrondissement of Paris dreamed of a master suite consisting of a private adjoining bathroom and a dressing area. A dream come true thanks to the intervention of the architect DPLG Charlotte Soissons Lenormand and the interior decorator Valérie Laporte-Volatier from the agency Les murs ont ears. The objective? Rebalance the volumes between the bedroom and the bathroom, bring more functionality to the spaces and create a coordinated decor atmosphere, inspired by hotel suites. Private visit of this cozy little nest, welcoming and practical at the same time, where the couple finds themselves in peace. Area: Bedroom 10 m² - Bathroom 4,5 m² Budget: € 13,000 excluding VAT for bedroom and bathroom work (excluding decoration and fees)

A parental suite like a hotel room without moving!

Before: The master bedroom of this Parisian apartment was no longer suitable for the owners, a couple with a child project. It therefore became essential and urgent to rethink the entire layout and decoration in order to create coordinated living spaces that best match their current needs. All in a chic and sober style, like a hotel suite.

After: At the heart of the layout, the master bedroom now fits into the decor with a new sophistication that is very pleasant to live in. The colors are soft and warm and the furniture sober and delicate! Redesigned, the space now consists of a large, shallow dressing room with integrated mirrors. This allows owners to have a comfortable storage space, avoiding a multiplication of cupboards and chests of drawers. For the sake of circulation, the bed, formerly near the bathroom, is installed in majesty, in the center of the room. And, to reinforce the fluidity of the room, the hinged door separating the bathroom from the bedroom was replaced in favor of a sliding sliding door. A great way to optimize space!

An ergonomic bathroom

Before: Tainted by the wear of time and without any particular identity, this small 3.50 m² bathroom no longer meets the expectations of the couple who want a more ergonomic and functional space. The black point of the room: this bathtub installed in the length of the room, which leaves only a small circulation space.
After: Successful facelift! To meet the couple's specifications, Charlotte Soissons Lenormand and Valérie Laporte-Volatier had no other choice than to move the partition between the bedroom and the bathroom - and thus cut corners on the m² of the bedroom. bedroom - to enlarge the bathroom and install a bathtub across the width of the room. By clearing the large wall, and by placing a double sink unit and storage space, the volumes were standardized and the circulation space streamlined. On the decor side, the agency has once again bet on sobriety by favoring soft colors: beige wall paint Ammonite by Farrow & Ball and glazed porcelain stoneware gray color concrete look Leroy Merlin, on the floor full gray porcelain stoneware. Charlotte Soissons Lenormand and Valérie Laporte-Volatier - Agency Walls have ears