How to properly adjust the patterns when laying wallpaper?

How to properly adjust the patterns when laying wallpaper?

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Answer: clearly locate the patterns before cutting the strips.

The installation of a patterned wallpaper requires more attention and meticulousness than that of a plain wallpaper because, it requires a perfect connection. Indeed, the patterns are partly on one strip, and the rest of the pattern on the next strip. For the paper to be perfectly laid, the patterns must match from one strip to another. After laying the first strip from an angle, you must define precisely where the cut of the next strip will be based on the patterns. This often means greater drops and losses of wallpaper than for plain wallpaper. So do not cut all your strips in advance; if necessary, you can use a ruler to locate the patterns. Some wallpapers indicate on the back the height of the fitting, which is very practical. By alternating your cuts on two different rollers, you can avoid excessive falls.

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