The same for less: a convertible sofa

The same for less: a convertible sofa

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Are you a student, a bit broke, and are you looking for a dream convertible sofa that won't ruin you? The editorial staff this week took care of finding a model that looks exactly for a convertible leather sofa at Maisons du Monde, but at a low price. Ready to find out? Let's go ! It is not because you live in a small space that you should abandon the decorative aspect of your home. In a studio, the sofa (preferably convertible since it must also serve as a bed) becomes the hardly installed centerpiece. If many models are sorely lacking in originality, we grant it, others on the contrary completely respect the trends. If you want an interior with a rather industrial decor, sure that you have fallen in love with the aged leather model from Maisons du Monde. But, it is also true that its price could have curbed more than one ... 1599 euros for a first purchase is indeed not necessarily affordable ... Fortunately, and we thank them, The team of La Redoute Interiors thought a very similar model but offers more than 1000 euros cheaper. So, conquered?

The BERLIN leather convertible sofa at Maisons du Monde at € 1,599 / The HIBA microfiber sofa at La Redoute at € 495.25